A Good Dog....is a trained dog©


  Kuvasz above to the left Aspen, and Dillon to the right, are known as armed guards.
 These two watch over A Good Dog to bring to our community specialized training.

 We offer a variety of training for you, your family, and pets:

  • Private instruction for handlers looking for a baseline of vocabulary for their dogs: sit, down, stand / stays, leash work-walking-jogging (three types), perimeter training for your property, and a effective praise technique, that will begin your training
  • Behavior and dog development training for both over-reactive or shy dogs
  • Group interaction training for advanced handling, and socialization
  • Certification training for therapeutic, and AKC's Canine Good Citizen evaluation
  • Training for Therapeutic Animal Interaction (TAI), through Creatures and Kids, Inc.© (CKI) www.creaturesandkids.org
  • Personal training for Service Dog, and preparation for PSD's
  • Water rescue, agility type game training, along with family search games
  • Evaluator for AKC's CGC program©
  • A Good Dog....is a trained dog - established in 1990. Client referals available
  • Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)  since 2003

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Private instructor, and specialized home visits for the Oklahoma City and metro areas.